Shameem Ahmed, PhD

Shameem Ahmed Headshot
Assistant Professor

(360) 650-2624

CF 491

Research Interests:

mHealth, Mobile Computing, Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD), Human Computer Interaction (HCI) 

Selina Akter, PhD

Selina Akter Headshot


CF 409

Research Interests:

Sensor Network Prediction, Graph Representation, Graphical Features, and Machine Learning

Justice Banson

Justice Banson Headshot at Marina

(360) 650-4009

CF 409

Research Interests:

Multimedia, Web design and Development

Aran Clauson, PhD

Aran Clauson Headshot
Senior Instructor

(360) 650-3819

CF 411

Research Interests:

Search-based and Compiler Optimization, Operating Systems and Embedded systems.

Kameron Decker Harris, PhD

Kameron Harris Headshot with Trees in Background
Assistant Professor



CF 461

Research Interests:

Computational neuroscience, networks, graph theory, and applied mathematics

Wesley Deneke, PhD

Wesley Deneke Headshot
Assistant Professor & Transfer Student Advisor

(360) 650-6160

CF 479

Research Interests:

Computer Graphics, Pervasive Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Marie Deschene, PhD

Marie Deschene Headshot

Yasmine Elglaly, PhD

Yasmine Elglaly Headshot
Assistant Professor


CF 465

Research Interests:

Accessible Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, and Computer Science Education

Perry Fizzano, PhD

Perry Fizzano Headshot

(360) 650-3807

CF 469

Research Interests:

Optimization, Algorithms, Scheduling, Bioinformatics

Erik Fretheim, PhD

Erik Fretheim Headshot with Trees in Background
Director, Cybersecurity Program

(360) 650-6879

CF 487

Research Interests:

Cyber Warfare, Cyber Defense, Cyber Ethics

Qiang Hao, PhD

Qiang Hao Headshot
Assistant Professor

(360) 650-2622

CF 457

Research Interests:

Computing Education, Human-Computer Interaction, Learning Technologies

Caroline Hardin, PhD

Caroline Hardin Headshot
Assistant Professor

(360) 650-3601

CF 463

Research Interests:

Computer Science Education and Digital Privacy

James Hearne, PhD

James Hearne Headshot wearing a fedora style hat

(360) 650-3792

CF 455A

Research Interests:

Data Mining, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Music

Brian Hutchinson, PhD

Brian Hutchinson Headshot
Associate Professor & Data Science Advisor

(360) 650-4894

CF 475

Research Interests:

Speech and Language Processing, Machine Learning and Optimization

Tarek Idriss, PhD

Tarek Idriss Headshot hiking with mountains in background
Assistant Professor

(360) 650-4221

CF 485

Research Interests:

Lightweight Security, Machine Learning and Internet of Things

Filip Jagodzinski, PhD

Filip Jagodzinski Headshot
Department Chair & Associate Professor

(360) 650-3800

CF 467

Research Interests:

Computational Structural Biology, Big Data, Intelligent Information Systems

Yudong Liu, PhD

Yudong Liu Headshot
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Advisor

(360) 650-4831

CF 483

Research Interests:

Natural Language Processing in Education and Language Learning, Information Extraction from Social Media Data, and Application of Eye-tracking Data for Education and User Authentication. 

Shri Mare, PhD

Shri Mare Headshot
Assistant Professor


CF 481

Research Interests:

Security and privacy, Cyber-physical systems, Human-Computer Interaction

Michael Meehan, PhD

Michael Meehan Photo Skiing at Mt. Baker

(360) 650-3795

CF 473

Research Interests:

Concurrency Theory, Distributed OS, Parallel Computing, Computer Networks, Computer and Network Security, Computational Science, Design and Implementation of High-level Languages

Phil Nelson, PhD

Phil Nelson Headshot

(360) 650-3035

CF 493

Research Interests:

Parallel and Distributed Computing, Software Systems, File Systems, Unix Programming, Mobile Devices

Dustin O'Hara, PhD

Dustin O'Hara Headshot wearing glasses
Director of Internet Studies Center

(360) 650-4338

CF 411

Research Interests:

Human-centered computing, values in design, and internet studies

Moushumi Sharmin, PhD

Moushumi Sharmin Headshot wearing glasses
Associate Professor

(360) 650-2249

CF 477

Research Interests:

Mobile Health (mHealth), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Interactive Visualization, Autism, Affective Computing 

See-Mong Tan, PhD

See-Mong Tan Headshot


CF 409

Research Interests:

Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Multimedia and Networking

Michael Tsikerdekis, PhD

Michael Tsikerdekis Headshot
Assistant Professor

(360) 650-3968

CF 489

Research Interests:

CyberSecurity, Social Computing, Online Deception, Machine Learning

Scott Wehrwein, PhD

Scott Wehrwein Headshot holding camera
Assistant Professor

(360) 650-6327

CF 471

Research Interests:

Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Computer Graphics

Jeff Woodcock, MS

Jeff Woodcock Headshot



Office: Online via Zoom

Research Interests:

Data compression and network algorithms