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Computer Science Department Club List

WWU ACM works to bring opportunities for professional and personal development, build community, and host events within the Computer Science department. We are open to all identities and majors!

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The AGIC (formerly named the AWC - Association for Women in Computing) is here to build an empowering environment for women, non-binary, trans, gender non-conforming, and all people in a gender minority in computer science by providing opportunities for community, networking, professional development, and leadership. 

While our new website is under construction, shoot us an email at to join! Include your name, pronouns (if you'd like), and the email where you'd prefer to receive club information. Everyone is welcome. 

Normal meetings are every Monday from 4-5pm in CF 420.

What is Competitive Programming Club?

This is a student run club that primarily revolves around preparing for and competing in the international collegiate programming competition (ICPC).  It was founded by Dani Sprague last year under the name WWU Competitive Programming Team and it is currently being run by Robin Preble. To participate you need to have finished CSCI 141 or an equivalent course, be born in 1999 or later, and must have started post-secondary studies in 2018 or later, HOWEVER you can submit an appeal to ICPC and get an exception for the age and start year restrictions. You can find more information on the icpc regionals website

When is the competition?

The Pacific Northwest regional contest is tentatively scheduled for February 25th.  They are trying to return to a fully in person contest so those who want to compete will have to travel to wherever they chose to hold the contest (the department should cover travel costs).

What’s the plan for club meetings? Who gets to go to the competition?

The current (tentative) plan for the club is to meet once a week to do icpc practice problems.  If there are more than 18 people that want to compete, then at the end of fall quarter we can hold a mini competition within the club and the top 18 people can go on to compete in fall quarter.  There will also be a few spots available for alternates so if someone is unable to go to the competition there will be a person there to take their spot.  Then, during winter quarter we will decide on teams and continue doing practice problems to prepare for the competition.

How do the teams work?  What division should I be in?

We can have up to 6 teams of 3, which would be 18 total people competing for WWU.  Depending on how many people are interested in this, some people may not end up being able to go to the actual competition.  There are going to be two divisions, D1 and D2.  D1 is very difficult and the team(s) for that will be made up of upperclassmen who have completed some of the more advanced algorithms courses.  D2 is simpler and anyone who has completed CSCI 141 should have the needed background knowledge to participate.  There’s more information about D1 vs D2 on the registration page

Basic club info:

Meetings are every Wednesday from 5-6 in CF 420
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Tutor hours: Monday-Friday 4:00-7:00 PM CF 162 & 164 & Virtual

(Beginning Monday, October 4)

Students requesting help must submit their question on the CS Tutors website, and join the Tutors Hours Zoom call to receive help. When a student joins the call, they will be put into a waiting room until a tutor is available to help them, and then they will be put into a breakout room to receive tutoring. A student who has not submitted their question on the website and joined the Zoom call may not receive help. The link to the Zoom call can be found below or on the CS Tutors website.


Any questions can be emailed to

Check for Cybersecurity Club on our events calendar! 

Our club is dedicated to learning about all aspects of cybersecurity. We will focus on learning useful skills and technologies that are not covered in class, as well as providing networking opportunities to WWU students.  Anyone is welcome to attend our events, no computer science background necessary.

Regular Meetings: Wednesdays at 4PM in CF 420

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Join DevOps for information conversations and presentations about technology. All you need is lunch, yourself, and enthusiasm!

For more information on getting involved, email

The student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers!

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We discuss object-oriented concepts and take what we learn to create large-scale projects. Object-oriented design is a common approach to designing software and is appealing to have on a resume. It is also great practice for CSCI 345 and an opportunity to expand on concepts taught in that course.

Our club is open to anyone who is interested in software design and/or architecture. No prior object-oriented design experience is required.

We meet Mondays from 5:00-6:00 PM in CF 420 (updated for Fall 2021), or you can join remotely from our Discord server.

OODC Email:



Whatcom Coders Collective is a club dedicated to facilitating career and technical development via fostering a collaborative community of enthusiastic technologists

Weekly meetings Thursdays at 4:00-5:00 PM



WBC Discord server:

The WWU Game Design club is a place for all majors and areas of study to talk about game design, show off their personal projects, recruit people for a project, and find resources for their own endeavors. This year we also hope to begin connecting members with industry professionals, internships, and knowledge about the game design industry(s). Regardless of your major and your experience with game design, if you have a passion for creating games of any sort (including games that are not video games, such as card games and board games), you are welcome at the WWU Game Design Club!

We meet weekly and host quarterly game jams.