Computer Systems Minor

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29 Credits

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2022-2023 Catalog

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Computer systems engineer

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This minor is designed for students in WWU’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Program. The strength of EECE is electronics. Computers are everywhere and they continue to proliferate. Small, embedded systems are increasingly powerful and are no longer simple, standalone devices.

Electrical Engineers working with these systems need to understand how to develop software for these systems in the context of a modern, sophisticated operating system.  The Computer Systems minor is designed to fill this need.

To earn a minor in Computer Systems, students will take:

  • CSCI 145: Computer Programming and Linear Data Structures.
  • CSCI 241: Data Structures:
  • CSCI 247: Computer Systems I
  • CSCI 345: Object Oriented Design
  • CSCI 347: Computer Systems II
  • CSCI 367: Networking
  • CSCI 447: Operating Systems

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