CS Tutors Program

Tutor hours: Monday-Friday 4:00 - 7:00 PM CF 162 & 164

In-Person Tutoring

Students requesting help must go to CF 162 or 164 and submit their question as a ticket on the CS Tutors Ticket Submission website. When a student submits their ticket, they will be put into a waiting queue until a tutor is available to help them. The CS Tutor ticket queue is first-come-first-serve which means they will have to wait on all other students' tickets before them. Once a student ticket is up next the name of the student will be called out, and they will receive help from a tutor. The CS Tutor Center is IN PERSON ONLY so if a student's name is called and they aren't in CF 162 or 164. their ticket will be discarded, and they will not receive help. The CS Tutors are not professionals so they may not always be able to answer a student's question, but they will always do their best. See the availability chart below to see what classes may be covered per day. If a CS related class is not listed below, a student may come in anyways, and Tutors will do their best to help.

2024 Summer Tutor Schedule

*2024 Summer Quarter Schedule

Ticket Submission Website

Any non-assignment or administration questions can be sent to wwucs.tutors@gmail.com.