Computer Science Master's Program


The Computer Science Department offers the Master of Science (MS) Degree. Courses and research opportunities in a variety of topics are offered, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, bioinformatics, human and computer interaction, computer vision, computer graphics, computer education, big data, security and privacy, accessibility, and parallel and distributed systems

We have a vibrant and diverse population of approximately 35 students in our MS program, including  a substantial number of female students and students from abroad. The research work produced by our students has been presented in prestigious CS conferences and venues every year. We accept applications through the year in Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters (not including the Summer Quarter). Application deadline information can be found on the Computer Science Master's Program page. Current CS Pre-Master's (formerly honors) undergraduates can apply to the accelerated MS program.

Graduate students can receive financial assistance in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, along with departmental/graduate school scholarships. 

Our alumni have successful careers at many startups, well-known tech companies and research labs, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Some have continued on with their education as PhD students at prestigious universities in the United States and internationally.


  • To graduate students with a strong, in-depth background in computer science.
  • To engage students in high quality research-oriented projects.
  • To prepare students for PhD programs and/or advanced industry opportunities.


  • To educate students in core concepts in computer science.
  • To provide students with in depth knowledge, skills, and experiences in computer science.
  • To focus on the applied aspects of computer science, especially real-world projects that use core concepts and expert knowledge of computer science.
  • To provide students and faculty opportunities to engage in research in computer science.

Program Requirements

Computer Science, MS Catalog 2023-2024