Admissions FAQs


Before applying to our program, you should have taken the following courses or the equivalencies :

  • Basic programming: CSCI 141 (CS1) and CSCI 145 (CS2)

Background in some or all of the following is also recommended:

  • Computer Systems: CSCI 247
  • Discrete Math and Formal Languages: CSCI 301
  • Data Structures: CSCI 241

Descriptions of these classes and their prerequisites can be found here.


  • Address any extenuating circumstances relating to your undergraduate GPA in your statement of purpose.  Be aware that the application to the Graduate Program is competitive and we are looking for GPAs of 3.0 and over.
  • You may be accepted in the program on a provisional basis, which states that you must demonstrate strong academic performance to continue in the program.
  • You are outstanding at something else, typically research, which can be backed up through either a strong recommendation letter by a trustworthy professor or your publication record. The letter should usually state why your class performances are not relevant compared to your potential and demonstrated ability.
  • Your related work experience can also help. The rationale is that maybe you do poorly as an undergrad, then go off to work for several years and “find yourself”, demonstrate that you can do it. This should be backed up through strong recommendation letters from your employer(s).

For directions on how to apply and the deadlines, please visit the Graduate School web page for Admissions. 

Yes, we offer admission to the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter. You can find the deadlines on this page.

Our program has stopped requiring GRE scores as of Winter 2022 admission and onward.

It is highly recommended that you have a letter of reference speaking to your academic skills; however, if you are unable to obtain such a reference letter then your GPA will speak to your academics and a reference letter from a professional for whom you have worked or volunteered (particularly in related fields) would be accepted. However, the strongest applications tend to have letters from both academic and industry sources

The application review process typically begins right after the application deadline and is wrapped up within 2 weeks (could be sooner depending on the pool size). Acceptance to program notifications will be sent by the Graduate School thereafter.

Two years for the regular track and four quarters for the fast track (Accelerated Program.)

Yes, but working on the degree part-time can double or triple the time required to complete it. You are required to complete your MS degree within five years

Deferrals are granted on a case by case basis and usually for only compelling reasons. Requests for deferrals should be sent to the Graduate School with a copy to the CS graduate advisor.

Go to the Student Business Office, Tuition and Fee Schedule here.

The standard list of prerequisites can be found in the CS Graduate Handbook page 10. A graduate student admitted with the requirement of prerequisite course work needs to meet with the graduate advisor before registering for their first quarter of study to determine which of these classes will be required for the student.

Financial assistantship for new admits may include one or more quarters of Graduate Teaching Assistantship or tuition waivers. Decisions about this will be made soon after the application deadline and communicated to the applicants at that time. MS students are also encouraged to pursue their research interests and should ask faculty and other researchers about the possibility of a research assistantship, which may pay salary, fees, and tuition.

Find other Admission FAQs on the Graduate School website.