Computer Science, Secondary Ed. - Bachelor of Arts in Education

At a Glance

Degree Type

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Total Credits

119 Credits

Program Requirements

2024-25 Catalog

Potential Career

K6-12 Computer Science Teacher


The Computer Science, Secondary Ed. - Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) program is designed to provide exposure to the breadth of topics required to satisfy K6-12 students’ curiosity about how computers and technology work, now so central to daily life, and how students can personally leverage the learned knowledge to create their own futures. Since knowing computer science alone is not enough to be an effective, inspiring, and inclusive teacher, this major also includes coursework and field experience in the theory and methods of pedagogical content knowledge. This major both employs and creates emerging research on best-practices in computer science education.

Pie-shaped puzzle piece infographic. Description below image.

Understanding The Secondary Education Puzzle

The Computer Science, Secondary Education program combines sections of Computer Science BS, Endorsement Requirements, Secondary Education Prerequisites, GUR's, and the Woodring Secondary Education Program. All these requirements should overlap, like puzzle pieces, if possible. See SMATE's page on Understanding the Secondary Education Puzzle for more information.

Computer Science, Secondary Ed. - BAE Major Information

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Director of Computer Science Education Program

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