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Caroline Hardin, PhD

Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator

(360) 650-3601

Why teach Computer Science?

There is a demand for qualified computer science teachers at the secondary level, but there is an even greater need for quality computer science teachers — teachers who have a broad and deep understanding of computer science, and a thorough understanding of effective learning and teaching.

How does this program work?

The Computer Science, Secondary Ed. - Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAE) program is designed to provide exposure to the breadth of topics required to satisfy K6-12 students’ curiosity about how computers and technology work, now so central to daily life, and how students can personally leverage the learned knowledge to create their own futures. Since knowing computer science alone is not enough to be an effective, inspiring, and inclusive teacher, this major also includes coursework and field experience in the theory and methods of pedagogical content knowledge. This major both employs and creates emerging research on best-practices in computer science education.

How do I become a Computer Science, Secondary Ed. Major?

  1. Sign-up for the Pre-Major: Students are advised to communicate their interest in the CS, Secondary Ed. program as soon as they are enrolled in CSCI 141 by contacting Caroline.Hardin at for advising. While enrolled in CSCI 141, students can sign-up to become a CS, Secondary Ed. Pre-Major and receive specific advising and up to date information to stay on track. Transfer students should seek advising immediately upon transfer to Western.
  2. K12 Experience: Once you are in CSCI 145, you should begin gaining experience in educational settings. Students can gain experience with K12 students through programs like Compass 2 Campus, whose mission is to provide more access to higher education for students in Whatcom and Skagit counties through college student mentorship. This program offers class credit for involvement in the programstudent employment opportunities, and also has opportunities to volunteer.
  3. Apply to Woodring: After completing CSCI 145, students apply to the Woodring College of Education. Requirements of the application include:
    • Completion of courses: CSCI 141 (C- or better) & CSCI 145 (C- or better)
    • Experience in education setting with K12 students
    • Letters of recommendations & necessary transcripts

Applications to Woodring College of Education are taken twice yearly. Deadlines for applying are September 1 for admittance in winter quarter and February 15 for admittance in fall quarter. The application is comprised of 3 essays, 2 letters of recommendations, one letter detailing your experience in an educational setting, one letter from a professor, and unofficial transcripts. For application requirements you may also contact: | WCE Contacts