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Josh Myers-Dean Biking Photo

Receiving the James Lee Johnson Memorial Endowment this past year has afforded me the opportunity to focus on my academics, as well as my research, instead of having to worry as much about outside financial factors. This endowment was a key step in having the time to focus on my application materials for graduate school while balancing school and research. I am excited to say that because of this, I will be attending the University of Washington as a Ph.D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering! Feeling very grateful to have received such an impactful award from an incredible department.

Josh Myers-Dean
Abby von Boeselager-Smith Photo

The 2020-2021 academic year was tough for everyone, and it was no exception for me. Between the newfound covid-related financial stress, and the transition to online learning, junior year was no cake walk. Receiving departmental scholarships took so much of the stress off of me and my family, leaving more room for me to focus on adapting to the new learning environment and thrive under imperfect circumstances. Without these awards I would not have been able to put as much of my energy into my education, which is the most important thing to me at this point in my life.

Abby von Boeselager-Smith
Sydney Kaster Photo

For the 2020-2021 academic year, I received the Westcott Scholarship in Computer Science. Through this academic school year which presented many obstacles, this award validated my importance as a student at the university. Being a first-generation college student and a woman in STEM, this Scholarship fueled my tenacity to pursue my passion for computer science through a very humbling journey. I believe my background gives me a unique appreciation for the opportunities available to me, and this philanthropic act has broadened those opportunities so again I am truly so grateful.

Sydney Kaster
Tyler Greer Photo

Receiving a scholarship during this past year has been a blessing. In already very unprecedented and anxiety-filled times, being awarded a scholarship helped to relieve the stress caused by the financial burdens of school. This allowed me to better focus on the important things and was a huge help in finishing out my time here at Western Washington University. Thanks to the nice people at DocuSign and our wonderful staff and faculty in the Computer Science department, they made this year the best it could be, despite the ensuing pandemic. I am forever grateful for the help I have received. 

Tyler Greer
Logan Pashby Photo

Being an out-of-state student, I have to re-evaluate how I will pay for tuition every quarter. This award provided a guaranteed contribution for an entire academic year, meaning the strain to find funds was significantly reduced. I've found that having the confidence in school being paid for has trickle-down effects in my everyday life, such as focusing on my coursework, spending more time in clubs, and participating in research. It's amazing to have the opportunity to direct a previously money-focused mind towards activities that will actually benefit my career. Thanks for your support!

Logan Pashby
Melissa Swift Photo

It was very validating and uplifting to know that I had won a scholarship that recognized academic merit. That validation was renewed at the beginning of every quarter when I got an infusion of money (which made a difficult year a little less stressful).  It helped me push through and do my best work at times when I might have otherwise decided to give up on a task or a project. I have secured a summer internship at PNNL for Summer 2021. I’m not sure how much the scholarship helped with that, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt!

Melissa Swift
Alex Gavin Photo

Thanks to the scholarship I received, I have been able to spend time I would've otherwise spent working doing research, planning club events, and focusing more on my coursework. As one of the first people in my family to attend college, this scholarship has alleviated a significant number of external pressures I experienced as a first-generation college student.

Alex Gavin