CS Mentoring Program

What is the (new) CS Mentoring program

The CS Mentoring program is a growing network of CS majors who cultivate supportive and inclusive mentoring relationships with students interested in pursuing a CS degree. The goal of the mentor program is to support students' well-being and success, and, in turn, foster a greater sense of community in the department.   

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Who can be a mentor?

Any declared CS major or graduate student can sign up to be a mentor! If you take on this role, we will provide you with ongoing training and support to facilitate your professional development and give you the resources to cultivate a positive growth experience for you and your mentee.

What are the expectations of a mentor?

As a mentor in this program we expect you to:

  • Meet with your mentee up to one hour per month. This could be a weekly 15 minute conversation, or a monthly one hour chat. We suggest shorter, more regular conversations at first, but as you develop rapport a single, longer conversation might be more appropriate.
  • Get to know your mentee and accept them for who they are regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, educational background, or socioeconomic background
  • Listen actively, ask questions and show that you care about your mentee’s success
  • Provide guidance, support, and encouragement

Why should I become a mentor?

You should be a mentor for two reasons. First, you would get to provide guidance, encouragement and support to a less experienced student.  You are further along in your CS educational journey than your mentee and this is a chance to share what you’ve learned along the way!  Second, mentoring isn’t just for your mentee; research shows that mentors see their own growth in professional development, communication and leadership skills.

What is not expected of a mentor?

A mentor is not a tutor, a therapist, an academic advisor, or a counselor.  Mentors can touch on many topics but if the mentee has a serious need you should be directing them to appropriate resources.  We’ll help you with that and you can always turn to us if you, as a mentor, need advice.