Computer Science Minor

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Total Credits

34-35 Credits

Program Requirements

Core Courses

2022-2023 Catalog

Potential Careers

Computer Developer, IT Consultant, Technical Writer, User Experience Designer, and Web Developer

Computer Science Minor Advising

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Computer Science is transforming the world we live in and having an impact in every industry worldwide. Minoring in Computer Science provides students from all disciplines the basics of programming, data structures, and the foundations of CS-based solutions for all industries and endeavors. Having a basic understanding of computer science and computer programming improves employment rates for all other majors.

To earn a minor in Computer Science, students will take:

  • CSCI 141- Computer Programming I with Lab
  • CSCI 145- Computer Programming & Linear Data Structures
  • MATH 124 Calculus I or MATH 157 Business Calculus
  • CSCI 241- Data Structures
  • CSCI 247- Computer Systems I
  • CSCI 301- Formal Languages & Functional Programming
  • CSCI  330 – Databases
  • One more  upper-division Computer Sciences or Math/Computer Science course

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