CS Minor Core Curriculum

Computer Science Minor (35 credits)

The computer science minor exposes students to the fundamentals of computer science including an understanding of basic theory, applications, systems, and software development.

Flow chart of CS Minor Core Courses

*Math prerequisites are listed underneath the CSCI core courses for which they are required. These are minimum prerequisites and may not be taken concurrently.

**One upper-division computer science or math/computer science course of at least 4 credit hours.


• The Computer Science minor is available to all students who are not majoring in Computer Science, Cybersecurity or Math/Computer Science on a space available basis.

• Application and approval can be obtained through the CS Undergraduate Advisor Mary Hall, Mary.Hall@wwu.edu

• Students may apply to the minor when they are in the last of CSCI 241, 247, & 301

• Students must earn at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA in these three classes to qualify for the minor

• Students wanting to minor in CS are encouraged to start on the path early in their academic careers, as there are credit restrictions on CS Pre-major classes

CSCI 141 and 145 registration priority is given to students with 0-89 credits in Phase I

• CSCI 241, 247, & 301 registration priority is given to students 90-133 credits in Phase I

• Declared minors will need registration override to register for their free-choice upper division CSCI course. Please email Mary.Hall@wwu.edu in advance of registration for approval

• You must pass all required courses with a C- or better

Minor declaration form