Graduate Student Testimonials

Testimonials from current students and recent graduates of the Computer Science Graduate Program.

Photo of Sasha

"I am grateful to WWU that it helps foreign students like myself to feel welcomed in foreign country by providing support and high level of education. Also, as a female studying in a male-dominated field I do not feel any bias, but only an encouragement, motivation and great support from a faculty who wants me to succeed. Moreover, I am grateful to WWU MS program for being able to work as a TA without needing to pay for school."

Photo of Monsur

"I am working at We Work as a software engineer. I think the Master's program at Western was challenging but doable. Tests and large projects enhanced my core CS concepts and gave me the confidence to handle the real-life hard problems."

Photo of Sam

"I most appreciated the individual attention I got. Professors were easily available, the IT/DevOps staff were always able to help, and I was able to work on a project that catered to my math background. One skill that stands out in particular from WWU was the large number of programming languages I learned; this makes it much easier to get up to speed on new projects."

Photo of Ellyn

"I really appreciated the opportunity to conduct research I was interested in and that was relevant to the field of CS I wanted to pursue. I work in many different areas of machine learning such as capturing trends of information spread on social media platforms, developing and defending adversarial attacks of deep learning systems, and discovering causal links in simulated data. The majority of the skills and tools that I use the most in this position I learned as a graduate student at Western. The research component of the program prepared me the most for success in this job (Data Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)."