Selina Akter, PhD

Instructor ·


Outside of my work, I enjoy training for Yoga and Capoeira. I love forest and ocean and enjoy walking in the beauty of nature. I look forward to living in beautiful Bellingham and getting to know my colleagues, students and Western Washington Community.

Research Interests:

Sensor Network Prediction, Graph Representation, Graphical Features, and Machine Learning

Educational & Professional Experience:

I joined at Western Washington University in Fall 2020 as teaching faculty. Before joining at Western, I taught at California State University at Fullerton for a semester. I received my PhD from Washington State University. My doctoral study was on applying graph-based approaches to sensor network prediction tasks. At Western, I am teaching courses on Systems, Data Structures, Algorithms and Ethics in Computer Science.

Recent Publications:

1.  Akter, Syeda S., and Lawrence B. Holder. "Improving IoT Predictions through the Identification of Graphical Features." Sensors 19.15 (2019): 3250.

2.  Akter, Syeda S., Lawrence B. Holder, and Diane J. Cook. "Activity Recognition Using Graphical Features from Smart

     Phone Sensor." International Conference on Internet of Things. Springer, Cham, 2018.

3.  Akter, Syeda S., and Lawrence Holder. "Using graphical features to improve demographic prediction from smart phone data." Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Network Data Analytics. ACM, 2017.

4.  Akter, Syeda S., and Lawrence B. Holder. "Activity recognition using graphical features." Machine Learning and

     Applications (ICMLA), 2014 13th International Conference on. IEEE, 2014.

5.  Darnall, N. D., Donovan, C. K., Akter, S., Tseng, H. Y., Barthelmess, P., Cohen, P. R., & Lin, D. C. "Application of machine learning and numerical analysis to classify tremor in patients affected with essential tremor or Parkinson's disease." Gerontechnology10.4 (2012): 208-219.