Mubarek Mohammed, PhD

Instructor ·


I have taught both computer engineering and computer science courses as a Graduate Assistant at Syracuse University and Lecturer at Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia) (including courses given in collaboration with RMIT, Australia).

I also have research and industry experience in software development, secure software threat modeling, code and log analysis. I have been conducting research in the area of mutated clone detection and dependency visualization which can be used for refactoring and erroneous code detection. I also worked in the industry in the area of software tools development for log analysis and validation.

In the industry, including Google and Amazon, I held Software Development positions working on distributed systems development and validation: log validation, throttling, data aggregation service, and security token vending service.

In my spare time, I like playing soccer and visiting national parks.

Research Interests:

Research Interests:

Software code intent modeling; secure software development; Hardware acceleration

Educational & Professional Experience:

  • PhD (2018)      Syracuse University
  • MSc(2006)      Addis Ababa University

Prior Teaching Experience :

Syracuse University

Digital Systems Design

VLSI systems testing and Validation

Selected Awards & Honors:

AAU, (RMIT, Australia in collaboration with AAU)

Algorithms Design, OO programming, C Programming, and Logic Design