Marie Deschene, PhD

Instructor ·


I came to IT in a round about manner with first knocking about in the medical industry, working in emergency departments and emergency laboratories while taking Nuclear Medicine and pre-med. Due to some health issues, I was lucky enough to move into IT teaching all kinds of computer classes. Then I was very fortunate quite a few years ago to join Oracle, learn to be an Oracle applications DBA and have never looked back. Having performed such roles as Oracle applications DBA, Release Manager, Project Manager for very large software development projects and been privileged to act as manager of a number of different technical teams has reinforced the need for repeatable processes as well as attention to security in all aspects of the cyber environment. More recently the integration of cyber security best practices with current compliance laws and regulations has been keeping me quite busy.

Educational & Professional Experience:

20+ years instructing a variety of computer related classes from specific applications to, more recently, cyber security classes for between two and three universities.