Computer Science Minor

Computer Science is transforming the world we live in and having an impact in every industry worldwide. The CS minor gives a solid introductory foundation in computer science theory, applications, and systems software. Having a basic understanding of computer science and computer programming improves employment rates for all other majors.

Computer Science Minor, Catalog 2021-2022

CS Minor Core Courses

Computer Systems Minor

The Computer Systems Minor is intended for electrical engineering students to give them more experience in computer science and software engineering.

Computer Systems Minor, Catalog 2021-2022

Cybersecurity Minor

Challenges in cybersecurity are in the headlines on a daily basis and prove to be far more than a technical problem as they affect businesses, personal lives, and every area of society. Cybersecurity is a multi-disciplinary field that crosses many lines and explores multiple issues bringing together areas such as Criminal Justice, Psychology, Accounting and Economics, etc. The Cybersecurity Minor is for students who are interested in complementing their major, or who want to explore the area deeper than in a certificate, but who are not prepared to engage in a highly technical major.

Cybersecurity Minor, Catalog 2021-2022

Cybersecurity Minor Page

The Cybersecurity Minor is currently offered on the Western Poulsbo campus, and is open to all students not enrolled in a program in the Computer Science department (CSCI, CISS). 

If you are a Bellingham student interested in pursuing this minor, please contact for more information.

Internet Resource Creation and Management Minor

The Internet Resource Creation and Management Minor is designed to teach students how to create websites using current tools and technology. The minor also includes required coursework from the Communications and English or Journalism departments to help students develop their technical writing abilities. The minor will complement courses taken in a regular degree program.

ISC Application

Internet Resource Creation and Management Minor, Catalog 2021-2022

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  • Web Content Developer certificate 
  • Web Programmer certificate
  • Cyber Security and Privacy certificate

More information available in on the Internet Studies Center website.


For advising, information on specific minors, or applying for a minor contact:

Mary Hall, Computer Science Advisor


Laura Ghan, Cybersecurity Program Coordinator & Advisor


Dustin O'Hara Ph.D, Internet Studies Center Director