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Internet Studies Center (ISC)

The interdisciplinary study and design of digital media and web technologies. 

The ISC offers a minor degree along with courses and certificates in web development that help WWU students leverage the value of their four-year and graduate degrees.

Internet Resource Creation and Management Minor

The minor is designed to help students become creative problems solvers that can design and develop websites using current web technologies. While learning how to create websites, students also become familiar with internet history and contemporary debates regarding the societal implications of the internet and digital technologies.

Cyber Security and Privacy

Serves as the focal point for education, interdisciplinary study, and outreach in cybersecurity and privacy.

UX & Digital Humanities Minors

The internet studies curriculum and core classes are closely aligned with both the user experience (UX) and digital humanities minors. The internet studies classes contribute to both minors.  

Web Content Developer

A flexible option for students from a variety of backgrounds interested in creating web content.

Web Programmer

Targeted primarily at computer science majors and students interested in technical programming.

ISC Lecture Series

The ISC lecture series presents leading scholars and practitioners whose work challenges and extends our understanding of digital technology and its place in the world. Learn more about the ISC lecture series.

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