Tatyana Stahler (she/her/hers)

Academic Program Coordinator, DS Pre-Major Advisor

(360) 650-2401

DS Major Advising

All Data Science majors are assigned a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor serves as the primary advising contact for declared majors.

See Data Science (BS) Major Advising and Advising Tools and Resources for more information.

Advice for Current DS Interest Students

  • If you have not yet declared the Data Science (DS) Major but are interested, please understand how we are working to address the current demand to study computer science and data science.  Introductory courses have some access restrictions in Phase I of registration (CSCI 141, 145, 241, 247, 301, and DATA 311) to support our enrollment goals. CSCI 141 and 145 have credit restrictions and CSCI 241, CSCI 301, and DATA 311 have a Pre-Major restriction. Students that surpass the credit range or are not Pre-Majors, will have the opportunity to register when access restrictions lift.
  • Declare the Data Science Pre-Major as soon as you complete CSCI 141. This helps keep you on track and improves access to the rest of the Pre-Major classes.
  • If you can’t get into the next class you need, be sure waitlist for all available sections of that class.    
  • Apply to the Data Science Major when you are in the last of CSCI 241, CSCI 301, and DATA 311. Pay attention to the posted application deadlines.

Registration Prep

Keep track of important dates and deadlines by visiting information about registration on the Registrar's page.

Registrar's Registration Schedule

Other tips:

  • Know the DS Major Requirements
  • Find classes you need and stay on track for graduation with Degree Works
  • Determine classes you need, and put together a schedule
  • Connect with your advisor for any registration permissions or overrides early
  • Attend a pre-registration advising session, if available
  • Make sure you do not have any registration holds on your account (See Web4U)
  • Register as soon as you are eligible

Need a registration override?

If you have a pre-requisite issue, please email the Pre-Major Advisor and include your name, W#, and the CRN of the class you are seeking to register for, and a description of the issue preventing you from being able to register. Email: