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Western Washington Data-driven Discovery Seminar Series (W2D2S2)

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Spring 2022 Theme: Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Spring 2022 theme of the Western Washington Data-Driven Discovery Seminar Series (W2D2S2) is Earth and Environmental Sciences. Now in its second year, W2D2S2 is hosted by Western Washington University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). The schedule of weekly online talks aims to bring together Earth and environmental scientists, computer scientists, statisticians, and mathematicians, to share, discuss, and explore recent findings, and to broaden avenues for future collaborations. The seminar series casts a broad net and aims to offer something for students, professors, researchers, and professionals in cross-disciplinary and cross-organizational research collaborations.

June 2: Climate Modeling

Accelerating parameter learning within a climate model
Dr. Oliver Dunbar | California Institute of
Technology Improving Climate Models by Corrective Machine Learning
Dr. Chris Bretherton | AI2

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