Additional Submission

Along with the Degree Recommendation form, please also submit the following

  1. Proof of submission to a refereed conference or journal
  2. If you don’t have 1), email your paper in a submittable format to the CS Graduate Advisor. The Computer Science Department Graduate Committee members will review your paper and make sure the paper meets the standard of a conference or journal paper.
  3. Email your paper to CS graduate advisor including the software, technical report, and related documents
  4. Email your research advisor the “Degree Recommendation Form”
  5. Your research advisor email the “Degree Recommendation Form” to the CS graduate advisor his or her recommendation
    Do all above AT LEAST THREE DAYS BEFORE the Graduate School’s deadline.
    In particular, do 2) AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE the Graduate School’s deadline.
  6. Finally the Computer Science Graduate Program Advisor will email this “Degree Recommendation Form” to the Graduate School after careful examination of your material, and remove all “K” and “X” grades for your completing degree.