ACM Presents: Ripplematch Workshop - A Tool to Help Get Internships



CF 420 or Discord


Come attend this workshop hosted by your WWU ACM to learn how to more easily get internships, including by using the tool Ripplematch.

In this event, the WWU ACM will cover the current status quo for finding jobs, basic things needed for finding internships, and how to use Ripplematch. The tool Ripplematch is a free service that matches students with internships from a single resume. However, it does not take all the work away from finding an internship, so this workshop aims to gear students up with the info they need to play the game of the CS job hunt.

This workshop is geared towards any student who is looking for an internship (whether they be taking their first or last CS class), but also has useful information for students looking for a full-time job.

The event will be held in Communications Facility (CF) room 420 from 5-6pm on Tuesday, February 1st from 5-6pm. Students who wish to attend virtually can do so through the WWU ACM Discord: