WWU Cybersecurity Advisory Board

Advisory Board Meetings

Fall 2022 Meeting: December 14, 2022

Spring 2022 Meeting: June 27, 2022

Fall 2021 Meeting: December 9, 2021

Advisory Board Members

Bryan Brown- Senior Director of Engineering, ESO

Shay Colson- Associate Managing Director, Kroll

Jeff Costlow- Deputy CISO, ExtraHop Networks

John Diaz- Branch Head, C/233; UUV & Cyber Test & Evaluation Branch, Keyport

Michael Gan- Executive Director, TAG

Mike Hamilton- Founder and CISO, Critical Insight

David Hirsch- Network Security Specialist, Boeing

Sylvie Kacmarcik- Major, Civil Air Patrol

Kayne McGladrey- vCISO, Spokesperson, Global Cybersecurity Thought Leader, Strategy and GRC Practice Lead, Ascent Solutions

Ben Paros- DevOps, Seagate

Steve Stein- Executive Director, PISCES International

Deborah Welsh- Career Connected Learning Manager, West Sound STEM Network

Carl Willis-Ford- WCC and GDIT