Support Cybersecurity Training

Universities from across the state, businesses, as well as, Western’s partner colleges plan to participate in testing at this facility. However, support is still needed to provide additional equipment.

“As I discuss Cyber Range Poulsbo with my colleagues from other schools, they quickly recognize the advantages, and that we could create a shared resource that could do far more than what any of us could create individually,” said Erik Fretheim, Director of Western's Cybersecurity Programs.

Join donors like Boeing who are working to create a safer world. In July, the aircraft manufacturing company gifted the university fifty computer servers to use in the range.

“As a large multi-national corporation, Boeing recognizes the risks in the worldwide cyber ecology and the need to help educate those who will protect us all,” commented Boeing employee Marie Deschene.

You too can do your part to protect by supporting cybersecurity training through a donation to the range.

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