About Cyber Range

Western Washington University built Cyber Range Poulsbo at the WWU Center at Olympic College Poulsbo to serve as an educational resource for the state of Washington. Cyber Range Poulsbo is one of only nine educational ranges in the nation and supports students in cybersecurity programs throughout the state.

A cyber range is a secure and controlled virtual environment used for cybersecurity training and cyber technology development.

Western is working to create additional partnerships between private companies and the cyber range. Such partnerships would provide opportunities for students to learn cybersecurity skills and for companies to benefit from testing their equipment in a contained environment.

At Cyber Range Poulsbo, students of Western’s Cybersecurity program and students in other cybersecurity programs in the state can practice:

  • Securing servers in a hostile environment
  • Network and perimeter defense tools
  • Virus testing and analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Operational monitoring and detection of network intrusions