Whiteboard Coders: Coding Challenge



Whiteboard Coders: Coding Challenge,

These challenges will be every third Tuesday of the month on whiteboardcoders.com at 4:00 PM.

Coding Challenge 2 details, it will be going live on Nov 17th @ 4:00 PM on whiteboardcoders.com/coding-challenges (this page also serves to provide information on the rules of the coding challenges). As this will be the second CC, it will be more difficult than the first (and consequently less accessible for all student levels). During the Whiteboard Coders Club hosted coding challenges, the first correct submission to the challenge will win a $25 gift card to GrubHub, VikingFoods, DoorDash, or another accessible service. Throughout the quarter, the coding challenges will scale in difficulty from "easy" to "difficult". Student submissions must be individual as only one gift card will be awarded for each coding challenge. More details to be posted on whiteboardcoders.com!

Congrats to the first Coding Challenge Winner: Dani Sprague! Her submission was in Python, and she solved the coding challenge in about 11 lines of code!