Transfer Student Advice

Computer Science at Western 2020-2021

Best Foundation

  • Students with an AS-T will need to check their Western email account for an email from to see what specific GURs they have remaining
  • Two introductory computer programming classes (CSCI 141 and 145)
  • Calculus I and II (MATH 124 and 125)
  • Science Series (CHEM 161,162,163; OR PHYS w/ Calculus 161, 162, 163; OR GEOL 211 and 212, or BIOL 204, 205, 206)

Linear Algebra (MATH 204) Admission to Major

  • Students are eligible to apply to the major when they have completed CSCI 241, 247 and 301
  • There is no direct admission to the major
  • Students are admitted to major on a space available basis
  • Students earning a 3.0 or better in the 3 required classes are very likely to be admitted to the major. We also consider academic potential and involvement in our CS community. Transfer grades are not factored into the GPA calculation

We do help transfer students make smooth progress by releasing a few seats for each transfer registration. However, transfer students still need to be flexible and anticipate delays.

  • Be prepared to take classes other than CS at Western
  • Complete GURs at Western
  • Taking classes that are not on the Best Foundation list may not be helpful and may cause registration delays due to credit restrictions that we place on CS classes

If the delays of getting into CS classes are too significant for you, then we encourage you to explore related majors such as Mathematics or Business Administration – Management Information Systems


Please Contact:

Mary A. Hall

Advising and Outreach Specialist, Computer Science Department