Tech Talk with PNNL



Tech Talk with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

On the Cutting Edge of Research at PNNL


Creative minds at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) perform exciting research every day, from developing new deep learning methods to creating innovative solutions to overcome big data challenges. Join us to learn what scientists and engineers in the Computing and Analytics division are working on and ask them about life at PNNL.



Kayla Duskin (data scientist)

Kayla Duskin graduated from Western Washington University in 2016 with a B.S. in Applied Math and a B.A. in Spanish. She has been working at PNNL for the last four years as a data scientist focused on machine learning, deep learning, and applied data science. She has worked on computer vision problems, natural language processing problems, and with medical data including a collaboration with Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center. She is interested in extracting knowledge from text and in understanding the spread of misinformation online.

Dr. Brett Jefferson (data scientist)

Dr. Brett Jefferson is a data scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he's conducted research for the past two years. Prior to joining the laboratory, Brett completed a Ph.D. program in mathematical psychology and a M.A. degree program in mathematics at Indiana University. Brett's research focuses on three main areas, mathematical modeling using topology, robustness assessment of machine learning classifiers, and quantitative assessments of human and machine systems. Dr. Jefferson is a committee member for the National Association of Mathematicians, member of the Cognitive Science Society and member of the Society for Mathematical Psychology.

Paige Maxwell (software engineer)

Paige Maxwell is a Software Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She joined the lab three years ago as an intern, and moved to a full-time position after graduating from Columbia Basin College with a B.A.S in Information Technology. Her focus is on Data Engineering, and the majority of her work falls under software development, large-scale ETL pipeline development, cloud infrastructure design, and database design and development.


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