Tech Talk: Modern Data Pipelines with Gordian Data



CF 110


In business-driven contexts, analytics must be presented in a timely and reliable manner so that stakeholders can view KPIs and other metrics to inform strategic planning and tactical decision making.  Establishing or optimizing these pipelines is a common foundational workflow for companies both large and small.  Join Gordian Data to learn about the important aspects of these workflows.  If you’ve wondered how to establish real world ELT pipelines or what key functionality is offered by tools like dbt, PySpark, Kinesis, or Parquet, this talk might be of interest to you.  

Gordian Data is a Seattle-based data science agency offering data analytics and research services to venture-backed startups.  Gordian Data doesn’t specialize in a particular industry, but rather focuses on greenfield development of data science stacks, including the implementation of data-driven technologies that supercharge its clients’ business offerings.