Persie Quinn, BA

Program Assistant · She/Her or They/Them


Your friendly neighborhood word nerd!

Originally a California native (and later North Carolina transplant), I moved to Bellingham in September of 2018.

I love video games, giant robots, and spending time with the people I love. I'm passionate about digital archival, specifically when it comes to video game preservation.

Ask me about my cat, and I'll show you a million photos on demand!

Research Interests:

Narrative design, historical costuming, video game preservation & archival, Mesoamerican culture

Educational & Professional Experience:

I have a BA in English from California State University, Bakersfield (2013). My specialties were poetry, creative writing, and children's literature.

I am a proofreading and editing specialist, having professionally edited for a wide range of literature genres and essay topics since 2009. I also dabble in narrative design and development for the independent game studio I run with my wife, where we aim to create media that pushes the boundaries of video game structure and intent. In other words, we like to make virtual spaces people can enjoy at their leisure!

As the Program Assistant for the Computer Science department, I handle event planning & coordination, communication & advertising, and any general questions.