ISC Lecture Series


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Thursday, October 8 4:00 PM

The Software Arts | Warren Sack, PhD

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Thursday, October 22 4:00 PM

Data Justice | Roderic Crooks, PhD

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Thursday, October 29 4:00 PM

Digital Feudalism & the Key Technology Battles of the Next Administration | Sascha Meinrath

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Thursday, November 5 4:00 PM

The Participant in Troubled Times: Thinking Through the History of Participation for the Future of Democracy | Christopher Kelty, PhD

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Thursday, November 12 4:30PM

Appropriate Architecture | Jeff Burke

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Thursday, November 19 4:00 PM

Meaningful Inefficiencies: Civic Design in an Age of Digital Expediency | Gabriel Mugar, PhD

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Thursday, December 3 10:00 AM

The Culture & Communities Mapping | Morgan Currie, PhD

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