Core Courses for Internet Studies

CSCI 102 - Computer Mediated Communications


HTML, XHTML, image editing


Internet skills, with an emphasis on the Internet as a medium of political and business communication, research, cultural exchange and worldwide collaboration. Basic principles of effective Web site organization and design.


Create and organize static Web sites; create valid well-formed HTML, XHTML, HTML5 web pages. Design Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and include Javascript and Java applets. Work with images, image-maps and simple DHTML (Dynamic HTML).

CSCI 202 - Dynamic Web Pages


Principles and technologies required to produce and distribute Web content, with a focus on site architecture and client-side dynamic pages. In-depth study of cascading style sheets, JavaScript, dynamic HTML, Flash and Action Script. Introduction to XML.


Create client-side interactive Web pages.

MIS 314 - Web Site Development and Management


Server side programming using PHP and mySQL; structured query language (SQL); introduction to database normalization; security; data validation; basic web design principles; site architecture; usability.


Server side programming; database design; security issues; and maintenance management. Understanding web design from the user’s perspective.


Develop an interactive, database driven web storefront.

MIS 314 web site

CSCI 403 - Practicum/Internship

The purpose of this course is to round out the classroom experiences with actual Web development on a live site. Evaluation for this work will be determined, in part, by results such as usability and user acceptance.

Practicum in Web Development (3 credits)

Students who are not able to participate in an off-campus internship will be able to obtain real work experience within the Center. This practicum course will form teams of students with all of the tracks represented and provide the team with a complete (and real) Web site development problem. The Center will maintain contacts with local small businesses and non-profit organizations that are in need of Web presence or e-commerce support. Student teams will be assigned to these projects. Oversight by Center faculty will ensure that the students get an experience equivalent to an internship.

Internship in Web Development (3 credits)

The Center will work with companies participating in the standards committee and contributors to facilitate the hiring of interns for Web development jobs off-campus. The requirements for the internship are that it provide an actual team-oriented development experience, provide an intellectual challenge in analysis and design, and that there is constructive communication between the Center faculty and the job supervisor regarding performance.