Graduate Program Plan of Study

Plan of Study

  • It is for your course planning and the completion tracking by the Graduate School.   
  • If you are admitted with the requirement of prerequisite course work, please  meet with the graduate advisor before registering for your first quarter of study to determine which of these classes will be required for you.
  • Creating a new plan: 
    • In DegreeWorks, select the Plans tab just below your name and ID at the top. You will be prompted to select a template, or create a blank plan from scratch. In most cases, starting with a template is the best choice. Select the correct program from the list of available templates and click Open at the top, then choose the start term.
    • The template should contain the most common terms attended for your program, and may contain some or all of the required courses. Courses can be dragged and dropped into different quarters, or can be chosen from a list and dragged into the appropriate quarter. 
    • If you haven’t decided what electives you will take, you can add a placeholder. Click the + at the top of the term to find the options. If you choose Placeholder from there it gives you some options. You can use “Select a general elective this term” or “Comment” and then put in some text. 
    • Notify the advisor as soon as your plan is created so the plan can be confirmed, launched and locked. 
    • A video covers the basics: Planning in DegreeWorks, or contact the graduate advisor if you have any questions. 
  • Amendments of the plan: You can update a plan as needed by asking the graduate advisor to make the changes for you, or to unlock the plan to allow you to make changes, or you can create a whole new plan if that is easier.