Finalists for the NCWIT Collegiate Award

First year CS/M Scholar Abigayle Peterson and senior Erin Howard have been selected as finalists for the NCWIT Collegiate Award which honors the outstanding computing accomplishments of undergraduate and graduate students who self-identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary. 

Abby was selected for her work designing and developing  “Magnify Wellness”, a free mental wellness app available on the iOS app store.  Abby is passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to mental health resources.  She started to code the app while in high school and now works with over 70 people around the world to maintain and enhance the app. 

Erin was selected for a project entitled “Leveraging Statistical Analysis to Develop Training Labels for Time Series Data”.  This project started during a summer Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates.  Initially, the focus of the project was on time series data related to binary stars but Erin expanded this work to apply to all time series data.  When asked how it feels to be selected, Erin said that it felt wonderful.  In particular, Erin appreciates that this award is specifically for all underrepresented genders, not just women.  


Congratulations to Erin and Abby for their amazing work! 

Photo of Erin Howard

Erin Howard

Photo of Abigayle Peterson

Abigayle Peterson