Cybersecurity Certificate

Cybersecurity issues are pervasive throughout all aspects of life in modern times. The issues are complex and have far ranging consequences such that it has become too important to leave only to technologists. The Cybersecurity certificate provides a means for students from all disciplines to become knowledgeable about the challenges and potential solutions to cybersecurity problems, and to apply cybersecurity principles across all aspects of an organization.

To obtain the Cybersecurity Certificate, students will take:

  • CISS 361- Cybersecurity
  • CISS 470- Policy, Compliance, & Risk
  • CISS 471- Cyber Privacy, Ethics, & Abuse
  • One Programming Course (CSCI 140, CSCI 141, or MIS 320)

Learn more about Western's Cybersecurity Certificate curriculum by visiting the Cybersecurity Certificate Catalog Page.

The Cybersecurity Certificate is currently offered on Western's Bellingham and Poulsbo campuses, and is open to most WWU students (Computer Science department majors are not eligible for this certificate).

Bellingham Students: Apply and find additional information by visiting the Bellingham Campus Cybersecurity Certificate Application website.

Poulsbo Students: Complete the Poulsbo Campus Cybersecurity Certificate Interest Form and we will contact you with more information.