CS Pre-Major Information & Application

Computer Science Pre-Major

What advantages are there to declaring pre-major?

  • You will receive CS-specific advising—ensuring you are on track and taking the correct courses
  • It keeps you informed of CS Department opportunities and events
  • Helps our department know how many course sections to offer
  • It helps us connect with you and get to know you

What are the requirements for declaring the Computer Science Pre-Major?

Sign up for the pre-major when you have completed CSCI 141 and are enrolled in CSCI 145.

To sign up, fill out a pre-major sign up form. Submit form to Mary.Hall@wwu.edu

Upon completion of the Sign Up, you will meet with Mary Hall and complete the declaration e-form.

How do I know if computer science is the right major for me?

  • You like logic, puzzles, and problem solving
  • Technology fascinates you
  • You want to go into a field with limitless creative potential and job opportunities

We encourage you to give this major a try. Beginners with no programming background are welcome!