Computer Science Honors Program


The Computer Science Honors Program makes it possible for exceptional Computer Science undergraduate students to complete both a BS and an MS degree in Computer Science in five years. If you are accepted into the Computer Science Honors Program, you will take four core courses from the graduate program when you are a senior. If you apply to and are accepted as a master's degree student by the WWU Graduate school, you then may complete your master's degree in one additional year. Please note, your standing as a participant in the Computer Science Honors Program does not guarantee acceptance as a master's degree candidate.


In order to graduate with a Computer Science Honors BS degree, four 500-level courses must be taken; three must be from the list below, then the fourth can either be from the list below, or be a 500-level elective:

CSCI 509 Operating Systems Internals -- Substitute for CSCI 447

CSCI 510 Theory of Computation -- Substitute for CSCI 401

CSCI 511 Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures -- Substitute for CSCI 405

CSCI 512 Design & Implementation of Computer Programming Languages -- Substitute for CSCI 410


If you have any questions, please contact the Computer Science Honors and Graduate Program advisor, Dr. Yudong Liu


Phone: 360-650-4831

Application Requirements

  • Computer Science major in good standing
  • GPA of 3.0 or better in CSCI courses
  • GPA of 3.0 or better, overall
  • Have completed at least three of the required 300-level CSCI courses: 305, 330, 345, 347, 367
  • Have not taken more than one, but preferably none, of: CSCI 401, 405, 410, 447


The e-form application should be submitted by the 5th week of each quarter.

Admission to the honors program and registration for the 500-level classes is on a space-available basis.

You should expect a response and decision on your application prior to Phase I registration for the next quarter.

Fast Track Master's Degree - Overview

If you decide to pursue the Fast Track Master's degree after graduating with a Computer Science Honors BS degree, you need to apply to the graduate program, information can be found at